2020 Vision - a message from our CEO

As we enter a new year and the final quarter of the financial year 2019/20 I’ve been capturing my thoughts on my vision for the year ahead. The election has seen a government appointed and we still have Brexit ahead – but I’m thinking about the impact I can have on our local community and where I can influence.

These are some of my principles I’ll be working towards in support of the organisation and its continued development:

I will make sure:

  • we take every opportunity to demonstrate how good we are and what difference we make to the lives of the people we support
  • we learn from situations where things don’t go right – challenge ourselves to continue to improve and demonstrate our commitment to putting things right
  • showcase the incredible things our committed and caring teams do every day that empower the people we support to live their best and fulfilling life
  • increase the opportunities for the people we support to have a say in the way they live their life, the support they need and encourage positive involvement in the communities they live in
  • be bold in the way we represent the importance of the Third Sector, its contribution to society and impact to the economy – supporting the voice of the learning disability community locally and nationally

Thank you to our amazing team.

Helena Wallis, Chief Executive