Taking time to talk about mental health awareness

As part of our Community Day Services, we held a special group forum to focus on mental health - starting with a discussion about what we thought mental health was, and how to recognise the signs of both good and poor mental health.

The group talked very openly about their own mental health, including difficulties caused by a feeling of not being accepted at school or in other circumstances.

We then looked at how we can help ourselves - and how we can help others.

Here are some of the group answers:

  • Talk to someone you trust         
  • Take part in activities 
  • Take regular exercise
  • Write down your feelings
  • Keep communicating & socialising
  • Be there to listen
  • Be kind
  • Give advice where you can
  • Invite people out
  • Ask people round for coffee

It was great to see how naturally these answers came and how everyone who took part had an input, however big or small.  We really emphasised the importance of talking and listening to each other - and as a result we now have two volunteer mental health first aiders within our Pathway Day Services. Thank you to Karl and Russell for putting themselves forward to take on these new roles, and to help anyone who wants someone to turn to.